Relax In A Personal, Transparent Bubble Pod

Relax In A Personal, Transparent Bubble Pod

The Cocoon 1 Pod by Micasa Lab looks like a giant hamster ball complete with brightly colored mats, which can be used to relax in.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

PSFK previously featured Attrap Rêves, a bubble hotel in the countryside east of Marseille, France that invites guests to stay in transparent pods set in nature. Now a similar project that is tailored for an individual, Micasa Lab’s Cocoon 1 lets you enjoy your personal bubble, whether indoors or outside in the sunshine. Cocoon is equipped with modules that function in various purposes, such as cooking or resting.

From Cocoon:

Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The innovative product magically connects aesthetics and function. Its insularity provides protection and seclusion. At the same time, its translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander whilst simultaneously allowing us to join in with life “outside”.

Check out more photos and applications of the Cocoon in the gallery below:

Photos via Inhabitat


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