Redesigned City Bike Carries Items On The Front And Back

Donky Bike is a versatile utility bicycle that can tote groceries and packages, and move easily through traffic.

Donky Bike is a versatile utility bike designed by Ben Wilson for carrying loads over short distances. He designed it because bicycle use in London was growing rapidly but many of the ones available seemed unsuitable for urban use.

The bike can carry groceries, packages and other heavy items, and move easily through city traffic. It boasts great handling and steering, even at low speeds and when loaded with cargo. This is carried on a square-section beam instead of hanging off the handlebars, which offers a versatile platform for front and rear attachments and ensures the steering remains light and balanced.

Redesigned City Bike Lets You Tote Items On The Front And Back

Donky Bike also features 20″ wheels and a tough steel frame equipped with simple low-maintenance components, which can be repaired anywhere in the world. It is available in either black or green for £499 ($798). You can check it out in the video below:

Donky Bike