San Francisco To Approve 220 Square Foot Apartments

These spaces are designed for single workers who want to live in the center of urban areas rather than on the outskirts.

Following the 275 square foot units being trialled in New York, San Francisco has approved 220 square foot micro-apartments designed for compact living. Pending approval from the Mayor next month, the tiny homes will be aimed at single workers who want to live in the center of urban areas. Wired reports that they will be required to feature a minimum of 150 square feet of living space, plus a bathroom and kitchen, and 375 units have been approved in total for the trial.

San Francisco Approves 220 Square Foot Apartments

The city’s new SmartSpace SoMa complex, which was unveiled last week by Panoramic Interests, offers similar apartments that are slightly larger at 285 to 310 square feet. These feature high ceilings, large windows and innovative storage solutions to make the most of the limited space. The company will be able to build the next version of SmartSpace to be even smaller thanks to this new measure.

Panoramic Interests

Photo by aslanix