Gourmet Sandwiches Come In Tins That Plays Music When Opened

Soundwich is a Portuguese project that offers sandwiches designed by different chefs that come with musical accompaniment.

Soundwich is a project that offers exclusive sandwiches by seven renowned chefs from Porto with a musical accompaniment in a new space by 1000 Paladares at the Parque da Cidade in Portugal.

Gourmet Sandwiches Come In Tin That Plays Music When Opened

Springwise reports that the “soundwiches” are served in music-playing metal boxes and each chef also picks a song to go with them, which plays when the box is opened. Menu choices include a sandwich of mango, avocado and tomatoes with fine spices, and one with sardine escabeche with eggplant, green pepper and tomato. They are priced at €7.50 ($9.58) each.