Creator’s Project: Artist Screens Psychedelic Video In Times Square Every Night

Takeshi Murata’s surreal animation ‘Melter 2′ will be on display this month in New York City.

Though recently he’s been cranking out hyper-realistic and oddly pristine digital prints themed around Mars and “Synthesizers,” US-based animator Takeshi Murata’s psychedelic 3-minute video work Melter 2 is coming back into the light—the bright lights of Times Square that is.

Every night this month at 11:57 PM, Melter 2 will stream from Times Square screens (best viewing from Duffy Square or Military Plaza) as part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, presented by Times Square Advertising Coalition, and curated by Electronics Arts Intermix.

The video work is a spectacular landscape of melting, colliding colors and will be sure to drop a few jaws from it’s debut on the big screen.

Preview Murata’s Melter 2 below.


Originally published on The Creators Project. Republished with kind permission.