Website Inscribes Fan’s Tweets On Vinyl Record For Artists To Listen To

New digital initiative lets fans interact with their favorite singers in the digital and analog realms.

In support of the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, a major awards ceremony for the UK’s music industry, Dare launched a platform for fans to support shortlisted artists. Using Voice Your Support, fan tweets were converted to voice files, which are then etched into vinyl for the superstars to listen to. See the turntable in action below:

The tactic is reminiscent of an installation called DYSKOGRAF by Avoka. Similar to Voice Your Support, DYSKOGRAF introduces new technology to turntables, making vinyl more accessible to a larger audience. We liked Voice Your Support as an idea since it does a great job of conveying the enthusiasm of fans directly to artists, implicative of a new way for stars to engage their audience.

Voice Your Support