‘Sports Drink’ Whiskey Has Added Vitamins And Electrolytes

Thompson Punke has designed a one-off promotional product for the brand to promote its range of ping-pong tees.

Thompson Punke (a collaboration between James Cooper and NYC design firm Red Antler) aims to take ping-pong to the next level. The brand’s range of t-shirts are designed to elevate the style of the underground pong circuit, from the classic signature tee to bright and bold ones featuring the word ‘Cho!’ (meaning ‘yes’ or ‘ball’ in Chinese).

Performance Whiskey With Vitamins?

Thompson Punke is creating a one-off promotional product to get some buzz going for the tongue-in-cheek brand and promote its current sale on Fab.com. The product is a performance whiskey that has vitamins and electrolytes in it, and if enough people like the idea they might make it. James Cooper said:

It’s a silly idea but the clothing brand is all about playing ping pong and then going partying. I feel like if you can have an ad for low cal beers and market it to sportsmen then why not performance whiskey? So we are creating Thompson Punke Performance Whiskey.

Performance Whiskey With Vitamins?

Thompson Punke