Clothing Brand Funds College Scholarships With Every Purchase [Video]

Clothing Brand Funds College Scholarships With Every Purchase [Video]

Merit helps disadvantaged youth go through college by donating a percentage of their revenue.

Yi Chen

Merit is an Indiegogo campaign that aims to address the issue of students dropping out of school in the U.S. According to the fashion brand, a kid drops out of high school in America every 26 seconds, which is nearly 1.2 million students a year and results in a loss to the nation of $1.5 trillion. Merit hopes that a win-win business model can help the situation. With every purchase of any of the items in the Merit range, 20% of the purchase price goes into funding the Fate scholarship program for disadvantaged youths.

The Fate program is a four-year “motivational and educational enrichment program for undeserved youth from the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit.” At the moment, purchases can be made through Indiegogo to raise a campaign goal of $30,000 by the end of this week. The collection includes simple hoodies, woven shirts, crew neck sweater, caps, and notebooks, with prices starting from $20.

Watch the promotional campaign video below.