Agency Creates Snow Globes Of Donors Houses For Helping The Homeless [Video]

Barnardo and BBH create special Christmas decorations feature people’s residences inside.

Barnardo partnered with the creative agency BBH in London to create a special Christmas campaign to help those who are less fortunate. The Site ‘Home for Xmas’ invites visitors to donate as much as they could to help Barnardo fight against homelessness. For every donation, the visitor must enter their home address for a chance to win a bespoke snow globe.

Everyday, BBH picks out an address and turns the entrant’s home into an actual snow globe containing their house. The process involves capturing the image of the home in Google Streetview before remodeling it on a computer and creating it using a 3D printer. It’s a “small reminder of the joy of being at home for Christmas.”

Watch the promotional video below to see how the snow globes are made:

Home For Xmas