Geometric Dining Table Adds Functional Art To The Home

Geometric Dining Table Adds Functional Art To The Home

London designer AndViceVersa hand welds function and form with their table and chairs set.

Robyn Hightower

Art and function merge in A-Cute, a sculptural table and chair set, created by London deisgn firm AndViceVersa. When not in use, the table and chairs fit seamlessly together to form a cohesive, multifaceted sculpture. The set’s design melts the boundary between function and form, enabling the dining set to serve as a work of art in addition to its duties as a piece of furniture.

Similar to an origami kraft, the table and chair art object is hand-folded. The A-Cute table and chairs are made from digitally prototyped metal sheets, which were then folded and welded by hand into the geometric, solid final product. Italian-made, the set is available with a few different numbers of chairs and increasing larger tables to fit them underneath. They offer versions with two, six, and eight chairs.

Take a look at interplay of table and chairs in the photos below: