Indie Band Has Listeners Make Their Latest Record Out Of Ice

Sweden’s Shout Out Louds create a limited edition cd you can create at home using a frozen mold.

Sweden’s Shout Out Louds have been creating a sound that’s equal parts eternal cool and smartly innovative for over almost a decade. To compliment their music, for their newest release Optica the band has created an equally interesting new way to hear their music: on ice.

To promote the single “Blue Ice,” the group (along with their crafty label Bud Fox Recording) sent a specialize kit to a handful of select media, with instructions inside to create a record out of ice and how to play it on an actual record player.

While this concept may seem pretty mind boggling to those unaware with the inner workings of a vinyl LP, the band also released a short instructional video explaining how the mold inside would be able to create a virtual 3D LP out of frozen water. Once it made, it allows listeners a certain number of hours to hear the song at about 30% of its original quality.

For those of you curious, we’ve broken down the 5 easy steps below to creating your very own Blue Ice – inspired record.

Step 1: Inside the box is the kit which includes a record mold and it’s very own bottle of water. Pour the water into the mold.

Step 1 Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Step 2: Stick it in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Step 2 Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Step 3: Release your new record from the mold and give it a dust.

Step 3 Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Step 4: If the mold is still frozen to the ice use a razor blade or fingernail to separate it, and then just pop it off.

Step 4 Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Step 5: Listen to your awesome new Swedish indie rock ice record and be amazed.

Step 5 Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record

Shout Out Louds