One Day…Education Will Be Fun And Engaging

Gerald Richards of 826 National dreams of a day when our education system will encourage creativity and curiosity in children.

Gerald Richards
Gerald Richards on December 30, 2012. @Gerald826CEO

PSFK asked creative experts working at the forefront of cultural change what they look forward to as ‘one day’ being the reality that we live in. As part of a series on forecasts, we asked Gerald Richards, CEO of 826 National, a nonprofit dedicated to helping students become better writers:

One Day education will be fun and engaging. We will put the creativity back in education and learning.


You can view his full presentation at PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO here.

Download  the PDF of Need To Know Vol. 2 containing all “One Day” entries.

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Gerald Richards is the CEO of 826 National, a network of creative writing and after-school tutoring centers that offer a variety of inventive programs to under-resourced youth, ages 6-18, allowing them to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. With twenty years of management and development experience at national nonprofit organizations, Gerald is a respected trainer and sought after speaker on topics of youth and education access. He has also served as an education expert for national marketing campaigns promoting creativity in and outside the classroom. In 2008, he was named one of 101 African-American Champions for Youth in the Bay Area. Gerald has a BA in Film Studies from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.