Richard Branson’s Son Debuts Film On YouTube Rather Than In Cinemas [Video]

Richard Branson’s Son Debuts Film On YouTube Rather Than In Cinemas [Video]

The documentary 'Breaking the Taboo' is available to watch for free online.

Yi Chen

Sir Richard Branson’s son, Sam Branson, created a documentary about the war on drugs titled ‘Breaking the Taboo.’ Instead of showing the film in cinemas and charging a ticket price, Sam is showing it for free on YouTube.

To promote Breaking the Taboo, Sam’s production company Sundog Pictures, has also partnered with Google in a process called “theatrical window.” Sundog Pictures has created its own branded YouTube channel and the film debuted in London and New York this week, and was hosted by Google.

Johnny Web, Managing Director at Sundog, explained that:

It’s incredibly difficult to get significant theatrical distribution even for the most acclaimed feature documentary, and even then you can measure audiences in the tens of thousands.┬áBy substituting cinema with YouTube, we believe we can reach millions of people rather than thousands, and create a virtuous circle of promotion which will boost viewing in the global TV window.

The documentary highlights how improving drug policies is a key element to stop corruption and violence. The film will be available to watch on YouTube starting today (7 December). Watch the trailer below:

Breaking the Taboo

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