The Entire Tour History Of The Rolling Stones Visualized

CartoDB turned every live show the band has played into an animated and dynamic web experience.

CartoDB has traced every Rolling Stones tour since 1963. Each is given its own page, with individual stops connected on a map. You can mouse over the stops to see the name of the location and the date they played there. Brief information about the tour is also included, for example, the 1967 European tour was the last to include Brian Jones, who initially formed and named the band.

Interactive Maps Trace 50 Years Of Rolling Stones Concerts

The Rolling Stones have performed over 1,300 concerts all over the world and traveled almost 1,000,000 km in the last 50 years. CartoDB scraped the band’s tour data from Wikipedia and imported it into CartoDB 2.0. They then mixed in Reveal.js with their new Javascript library CartoDB.js to create the visualization.

Interactive Maps Trace 50 Years Of Rolling Stones Concerts

By connecting where each tour took place we not only got to see how the Stones grew in prominence globally, but also the distance travelled for each tour, and correlations between tours and promoting a new album.

50yrs of The Rolling Stones