Social Media Habits Displayed As A Robot

BBH Labs has created ‘,’ a site that analyzes your data to create a personalized bot that reconfigures itself every week.

BBH Labs has created ‘‘, a site that analyzes your social data to create a personalized robot. The robot is configured to your digital life and if you return every week, it will change to match your latest social activity.

There are lots of different combinations, with each part of the robot relating to aspects of your online behavior, such as the amount of Facebook posts, shared links, tagging, retweets, Foursquare check-ins, etc. If you have a lot of activity on your social networks then your robot might have a speaker for a mouth, and if you’ve been taking lots of photos it’ll have a camera lens for an eye.

By plugging in your social data and using it to create a robot you can learn a little more about how you portray yourself online… One of the reasons for creating is to encourage a bit of self reflection and analysis, and perhaps to see if people form an attachment with their robot.

What Would Your Social Media Persona Look Like As A Robot?