Vintage Car Museum Will Also House Driving School

Vintage Car Museum Will Also House Driving School

A building in Kuwait will display the private automobile collection of the Emir and teach kids how to drive.

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A proposal has been put forth to build a complex for motor sports in Kuwait City. Designed by Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture and Studio DMTW, the building comprises of an exhibition space, cafe, driving school for kids, a garage, cinema auditorium, and VIP spaces.

We love the idea of a museum housing a driving school for kids. Kuwait, like other countries in the Gulf, has an outstanding amount of car accidents; introducing cars to children in this controlled context can help them better understand responsible driving and deepen their understanding of driving etiquette.

The idea is to have a public showroom to display 50 vintage racing cars from the Kuwaiti Emir’s private collection. As part of a larger complex, the museum building is located adjacent to a new race track and dragster speedway. The thickened concrete walls will not only isolate the interior from outside noise, but it’ll also provide enough mass to keep the cars at a cool temperature. Despite the excitement surrounding the building of this museum, an official project completion date has yet to be announced.

Images via Studio DMTW

Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture