100 Designers Reimagine The Toy Car [Pics]

Italian designer Matteo Ragni developed the 100% TobeUs project — a variety of different creations made of cedar wood.

Italian designer Matteo Ragni conceived the project ‘100% TobeUs‘ after seeing his children lose interest in their toys after only a few hours. He thought the easiest solution would be to give them an object they’d love. 100 skillful and passionate designers, including Tomoko Azumi, Marcel Wanders, Rodolfo Dordoni, Rodrigo Torres, and Tom Kovac, were challenged to create toy cars made of cedar wood. The results vary in shape and size, from a car that holds sliced bread to one that features a cedar tree made of puzzle pieces.

100 Designers Reimagine The Toy Car [Pics]

Matteo Ragni has gathered them all together for ‘100% TobeUs: 100 designers for 100 new toy cars’, an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, which runs until January 13th. Click through to see a selection of the 100 designs:

100% TobeUs