3D Motion And Heat Sensing Technology Captures Shoppers’ In-Store Behavior

Shopperception uses 3D sensors to capture aggregate shopping behavior and create a heat map of popular products.

Stores know what we purchase through scanning at the checkout, but in-store behavior that doesn’t end in a purchase is much harder to track. A system called Shopperception developed with Primesense places a small 3D sensor above a store shelf to capture shopping behavior for retailers.

Mashable reports that the sensor watches people interact with products and Shopperception’s app aggregates all of this data to create a real-time consumer response report. There’s also a heat map to show which products were picked up a lot and which ones were avoided.

3D Motion Sensing Technology Captures Shoppers’ In-Store Behavior

The analytics can be used to create new shopper insights and the technology can react in real-time to shopper behavior at the point of sale, creating a new space for shopper-brand interaction. Check out the video introduction for Shopperception below: