Brazilian Retailer Uses Footage Of Store Robbery To Promote Summer Sale

Reserva recently unveiled a campaign that features thieves stealing their clothes, claiming they are that popular.

Reserva, a menswear brand in Brazil, recently unveiled a campaign for their summer sale that features footage of its São Paulo store being robbed. The event took place on December 6th, just as the store was getting ready for Christmas, yet the team who work there managed to clean up the debris and re-open on the same day–minus their damaged store window.

The brand commented on their decision to feature the break-in:

That’s why we decided to inspire ourselves and use our sale video as an example. Rather than suck a lemon is much better to make a good lemonade with it.

Brazilian Store Uses Footage Of Store Robbery To Promote Summer Sale

The commercial for the 40% off sale features phrases like “There’s no need to break the store window. Just get in,” “Hurry up! Because there are people doing crazy things for Reserva,” and “Making lemonade from lemons.”

Reserva doesn’t like complaining and instead takes advantage of a less-than-ideal situation to promote the popularity of the brand. You can check out the video below for more info about the campaign: