Home Cooking Show Delivers Ingredients To Your Doorstep

Home Cooking Show Delivers Ingredients To Your Doorstep

Brooklyn-based startup Chefday is like Bobby Flay meets FreshDirect.

Nick Bakshi

Cooking shows are great. Until you realize that you’re three shallots and one cup of Arborio rice short of actually making that luscious-looking scallop risotto. That’s why Brooklyn-based startup Chefday delivers all of the ingredients you need to cook custom dishes designed by some of the country’s top chefs, plus a free step-by-step online instructional video to help you put it all together. From parmesan veal milanese with Isola executive chef Victor Laplaca, to stir-fried green bean vermicelli with Graffiti owner Jehangir Mehta, Chefday offers a variety of amateur-proof meals that can be prepared for two, four, six, or eight persons.

To top it off, for every portion purchased, Chefday donates a full meal to Food Bank For NYC.

Check out the video for the stir-fried green bean vermicelli with Graffiti owner Jehangir Mehta below.