Digital Will Lets Users Leave Behind Multimedia Messages

PassedOn is a free platform where people can save thoughts and wishes for their loved-ones to view after they have passed away.

PassedOn is a free platform where people can upload thoughts, wishes, and multimedia content for their friends and family to view after they have died. The online initiative lets users create these ‘Emotional Wills,’ “whether it’s a personal message from the heart, a love confession, a late apology or a long-kept secret.”

A Digital Memory Will

PassedOn ensures that their important memories will be shared and cherished forever. On a regular schedule chosen by the user, the platform sends reminders to “check” on them. If a certain number of these aren’t received for a user-defined period of time, their three appointed guardians are contacted.

If all the guardians confirm that the user has passed away, their intended recipients will be sent the saved messages. PassedOn has created some videos in different languages to illustrate their concept: