Facebook Announces Free Phone Calls Through Their App

The Facebook Messenger iOS app is rolling out the new feature to U.S. users, enabling them to call friends over wi-fi or through their phone’s data connection.

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature for their Messenger iPhone app that lets U.S. users make free voice calls to their friends over wi-fi or through their phone’s data connection.

People can call anyone they would normally send a message to as long as they have the Facebook Messenger app downloaded and open. This means no more going over your minutes or asking people you’re connected with on the social network for their numbers when you’ve lost your contact list, as everything is already there.

Facebook Challenges Traditional Phone Carriers, Announces Free Voice Calls

This U.S. roll out follows testing in Canada earlier this month. Facebook confirmed the new feature to The Verge and said that it requires no update through the App Store.

To call a friend, simply tap the “i” icon at the top right of a chat screen and tap “Free Call” on their contact card. A push notification will then appear on their screen to let them know you’re calling.

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