High-Tech Jacket Has Embedded Speakers & iPhone Dock [Video]

SCOTTeVest reveals its latest wearable fashion tech item.

Yi Chen
Yi Chen on January 14, 2013. @yiiee

SCOTTeVest unveiled its latest concept at this year’s CES. The TEC Jacket 2.0 may look like an ordinary windbreaker, but it comes embedded with electronics to attract serious tech-fans.

Firstly, the jacket comes with waterproof pockets to store anything, from mobile phones, tablets, and cameras, to stylus pens and Google Goggles. There’s a special pocket that acts as an iPhone dock, and there’s even an RFID-blocking pouch.


What’s really impressive is the hood-mounted heads-up display. By pulling down on the visor panel, the wearer can access networked devices, and augmented reality apps. The heads-up display can also show various stats, including battery charge,time, and  temperature.

At either ends of the collar, comes embedded with flat stereophonic speakers, along with a pair of noise-canceling microphones. It makes communicating and listening to music on the go much easier ,

The TEC Jacket 2.0 has various ways to recharge itself, including magnetic induction, AC, solar or kinetic sources. Currently, the high-tech jacket is just a prototype with no plans revealed as to whether it will be commercially manufactured. Check out the video below to see more of the jacket’s features:


Main image courtesy of Gizmag