Office Program Connects Co-Workers To Keep Them Updated [Future Of Work]

E-learning company Learn27 has created an enterprise learning solution that keeps workers updated on desirable new skills.

The Future Of Work

E-learning company Learn27 has created an enterprise learning solution that weaves social interaction and education to keep workers updated on desirable new skills, track their learning goals, and teach them new skills. By creating a social platform for workers to exchange knowledge, peers are able to learn from the diversity of expertise that is always in flux within their company. Coursework is available across web and mobile platforms for on-the-go and remote workers. Companies are able to create a virtual academy for workers to attend around specific subjects.

learn27 time and money

Companies and workers are able to save money and better track education programs that would otherwise exist outside of their company walls. Workers are able to leverage their coworkers knowledge about topics by using the integrated social platform. Learn27 aims to bring collaboration to enterprise learning to help better educate workers as they learn new skills for the future of their careers and companies.


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