LEGO Creates Pop Culture Riddle Posters Out Of Blocks

To celebrate ’55 years of the brick’, agency Brad in Montreal created posters with LEGO blocks recreating well-known books, songs, movies, and bands.

To celebrate LEGO’s 55th anniversary, agency Brad in Montreal created 55 posters for a campaign that references pop culture. The posters,¬†which show the possibilities of the popular building bricks, feature them recreating well-known books, songs, movies, children’s stories, and bands.

They can all be viewed on the tumblr ‘55 years of the brick’. Different colored bricks of various sizes are used to stage simplified scenes.

These minimalist images act as visual riddles as the titles themselves aren’t provided. A note in the corner, next to the LEGO logo, simply tells you to “Imagine a band” or “Imagine a movie”, etc.

LEGO Marks It's 55th Anniversary With Pop Culture Riddles

Some of them are easy to guess, for example, Three Little Pigs is recreated with three pink LEGO bricks inside a house and a gray one outside, but others are more challenging. Click through to see a selection of the posters:

55 years of the brick