Airport Avatars Can Tell If Travelers Are Lying

A lie detector kiosk can identify whether flyers are telling the truth through their facial expressions, eye movement, and verbal responses.

A lie detector kiosk designed for Customs and Border Protection in America is a video screen avatar that can detect if travelers are lying through their facial expressions, eye movement, and verbal response.

The ‘Embodied Avatar‘ picks up signs like dilated pupils and delayed responses when it asks a series of questions. If it identifies a potentially deceptive traveler, they can then be sent to a customs officer for further questioning.

Airport Avatars Can Tell If You’re Lying

The kiosk has an infrared camera to record eye movement and pupil dilation at up to 250 fps, a high-def video camera to capture suspicious movements like fidgeting and scratching, and a microphone to collect vocal data, because lies often feature minor changes in pitch.

The machine has been used in a field test in Nogales, Arizona. Wired reports on another recent trial with the technology:

In an experiment in Poland last year using 37 EU border guards, some of whom were asked to present false documents, the kiosk identified every one of the liars. Taking into account two false positives, the machine scored 94 percent. Human agents asked to perform the same task failed to stop a single impostor.

Embodied Avatar