Jeans Brand Branches Out Into Denim iPhone Accesories

Lucky Jeans reveals some early prototype designs for their expanding line, which includes cases and headphones.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on January 29, 2013.

Lucky Brand is experimenting with new types of packaging for their expanding line of tech accessories. Lovely Package features some early prototypes that California-based designer and art director Mark Kaiser has been developing with multidisciplinary designer Annie Lenon.

Lucky Brand Jeans' Tech Accessories Packaging Design

They have looked beyond typical retail inspiration to guide their innovative designs, instead drawing from the brand’s stylish denim in order to tie in the accessories with the other products.

Lucky Brand Jeans' Tech Accessories Packaging Design

Lucky Brand has started selling items for customers’ iPhones and tablets, like cases, earbuds, and headphones. In these images, the packaging for the tech accessories resembles denim fabric, linking them to the clothing store.


Lucky Brand Jeans' Tech Accessories Packaging Design

The boxes and pouches also feature a crisp white design with plenty of blank space, bold logos and branding, and a dark blue dotted line that resembles stitching.

Lucky Brand