Nike Creates A Tron-Style Run Tracker

Nike Creates A Tron-Style Run Tracker

Diagrams reminiscent of the popular sci-fi film show who runs the most between men and women, along with other stats.

Yi Chen

Nike has commissioned an interactive agency in Hong Kong to spruce up its Run Tracker visuals for its MvsW campaign. The campaign involves collating the data from the participating runners and segmenting it between men and women. The comparisons are then charted in a series of Tron-like visuals.

Henry Chu, Creative Director of the agency, explained the inspiration behind the design stating that, “As fanboys of sci-fi movies, we wanted to create an interface like Tron with the control panel of the Ironman’s suit.”

Some of the graphical representations include ‘Fastest 1k,’ ‘Longest Run,’ ‘Total Distance,’ and ‘Average Pace.’ See of the graphics below, or go onto the Nike MvsW site for more details.





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