Impossible Architecture Challenges Viewers To Look Again [Pics]

Filip Dujardin takes multiple photographs of structures, then splices them together to create his building "fictions."

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on January 7, 2013.

Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin has a series of artworks called “fictions,” which at first glance appear to be real photos of architecture, until the viewer realizes that the structures could never actually be built.

There are images of oddly-shaped modern and medieval buildings, some built into the landscape and others stretching up high into the sky.

Impossible Architecture Challenges Viewers To Look Again [Gallery]

Co.Design reports that Dujardin cuts and pastes lots of photographs of structures to create the images of ‘impossible’ architecture that looks almost real.

Dujardin has a solo exhibition at San Francisco’s Highlight Gallery from February 7th to March 29th. Click through to see some of his works of fiction:


Filip Dujardin