Pinterest Data Reveals The Most Common Home Decor Colors

‘Colour and Space’ is a data visualization tool that could be useful for shoppers and brands alike.

Colour and Space‘ is an infographic design project that mines Pinterest data to find the most common colors in homes by room. Made in collaboration between Turkish decorative paints brand Jotun and Danish designers Mie Frey Damgaard and Peter Ørntoft, the tool could be helpful for someone looking to redecorate their home or to help inform a brand on what color product to produce.

Mining Pinterest Data To Discover The Most Common Home Color Palettes

The concept for the visualization is to design the data of the survey by using the two key elements, colour and space, as tool and canvas to thereby establish a familiar relation between the user and the data. The diagrams use the context of the data to design the data itself and that allows the diagrams to show more layers of information about the statistics.

Mining Pinterest Data To Discover The Most Common Home Color Palettes

The data visualizations, which are the result of color statistics extracted from Pinterest, show people’s relationship between color and space in different areas of the house. These pie charts reveal the colors people prefer in their kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Ørntoft told Co.Design:

We think it works as inspiration for at least the Turkish consumers. With the diagrams they can see the color choices of other consumers so it works as a color map for these specific household areas.

You can see the creation of the pie charts in the video below:

Colour and Space