Mobile Ads Self-Destruct After 10 Seconds

Snapchat and Facebook Poke let people send photos and videos that expire after viewing, and now advertisers are starting to experiment with the platforms.

In the age of shareability, what about an ad that only lasts 10 seconds, can’t be watched again, can’t be shared, and self-destructs after the first watch? Snapchat and Facebook Poke are mobile apps that offer a new way to share photos, videos, and messages with family and friends.

These messages expire after a certain length of time, up to ten seconds, disappearing from the app entirely when the time runs out.

These Ads Self-Destruct After 10 Seconds

As these apps are growing in popularity, advertisers are starting to experiment with the platforms. A video campaign on Facebook Poke for Delta Lingerie featured a 10-second risqué film of a model putting on stockings, advertised a sale on the company’s website and then vanished after it was viewed. You can check out the campaign in the video below:

Frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles used Snapchat for a recent promotion and community manager Adam Britten told Creativity Online:

It’s just kind of where our users are going at the moment. A lot of our social-media fans are teenagers and we noticed on Facebook and Twitter that they were using it. We figured, ‘Why not?’ and we gave this a chance.