Hair Cooked Into Diamonds To Celebrate Academic Success

Brazil school collected tresses from those who passed their entrance exam and made them into gems.

The Marista’s School Network in Brazil is turning locks of students’ hair into a diamond. Getting a haircut after you are accepted into college is a tradition in the country, so they decided to capitalize on its symbolic nature to create something that represented success and achievement.

Students’ Hair Turned Into Diamond To Celebrate Success

The educational institution collected hair from students who had passed their entrance exam in December. They were then invited to choose the citizen or institution who had contributed to the social transformation of the community throughout the year.

Students’ Hair Turned Into Diamond To Celebrate Success

This online vote decides the recipient of the artificial diamond, rewarding their good deeds with a sparkling gem. Creativity Online reports that to make the diamond, high pressure is applied to the strands of hair to extract carbon, which is heated to 1500 degrees to produce a rough stone. This is then cut and shaped to look like a traditional diamond.

Marista’s School Network