Uber-Style Service For Test Drives Delivers Cars To Shoppers’ Homes

Tred allows people to schedule a test drive on their compute and have the vehicle delivered to their house or office.

The Seattle-based startup Tred is aiming to be the “Uber for test drives” and compete with car dealerships that allow customers to test drive vehicles away from the showroom at special events.

Instead of making the journey to a dealership, Tred allows prospective car buyers to schedule a test drive on their computer. They can select their location, a preferred time, and the model they’d like to test, and then a Tred concierge delivers it to their home or office.

Uber For Test Drives Delivers Cars To Shoppers’ Homes

You can research and choose several cars you want to test drive on the website or iPad app but Tred’s co-founder Grant Feek told Wired that there is currently a limited selection: “At launch, we’re focused on five brands of Minivans, Compact SUVs and Midsize SUVs that are extremely popular in the Pacific Northwest.

Having a variety of models delivered to your house has a number of benefits as you can easily compare them, see how they work for your lifestyle, and find out whether they fit in your garage. Tred test drives will become available in the Seattle area in the spring. You can check out their teaser video below: