Adidas Introduces New NBA Uniform Featuring Short Sleeves

The Golden State Warriors will wear the new jerseys, which include armhole insets with 360-degree stretch fabric.

Adidas has unveiled a new type of shirt for NBA team the Golden State Warriors. The adizero short sleeve NBA Uniform System is 26% lighter than their current jersey and enables optimal performance on the court. It will be worn for the first time when the team faces the San Antonio Spurs on February 22nd.

The adizero shirt features the first-ever super lightweight stretch woven shirt with maximum ventilation for player comfort. It also includes armhole insets with 360° stretch fabric that allows a free range of motion for the arms and shoulders.

Adidas Introduces A New Look For NBA With Modern Short-Sleeved Shirts

The short sleeve jersey is made from 60% recycled materials and features Adidas’ Revolution 30 technology, a lightweight uniform system that dries twice as fast to improve performance. Lawrence Norman, vice president of Adidas global basketball, said:

Players on every court like to have a unique sense of style. We were excited to work side-by-side for the last 18 months with the Warriors, one of the NBA’s youngest and most exciting teams, to develop this unique uniform system that helps maintain peak player performance while ensuring comfort, fit and style.

Adidas Introduces A New Look For NBA With Modern Short-Sleeved Shirts

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