Bing & Fox News Launch Real-Time Comments Feed For State Of The Union

‘Bing Pulse’ will gain real-time feedback from Americans every 5 seconds about their reactions to the President’s speech.

Bing and Fox News are launching a live online poll for the State of the Union address. Mark Penn, corporate vice president at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post that a recent Bing survey found nearly 75% of Americans identified themselves as active participants or observers in online political discussions.

Bing And Fox News Launch Live Online Poll For State Of The Union

An interactive State of the Union site has been created to meet the growing need for up-to-the-minute political info and second-screen experiences. The site will feature ‘Bing Pulse’, which will enable Americans to give real-time feedback on the President’s speech.

Bing And Fox News Launch Live Online Poll For State Of The Union

It allows people to join the conversation through online polls generated every five seconds by sharing their positive, negative or neutral reactions to what they hear. Real-time results of the Bing Pulse, which Penn believes will be the largest live online poll in history, will appear on the site and the Fox News Channel.

Bing will also track social sentiment on Twitter during the speech with the ‘Bing Beat’. This will analyze issues associated with the State of the Union such as immigration, gun control, and the fiscal cliff.

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