BMW Turns A Four-Year Old’s Ideas Into A Car Design

After the boy’s uncle told Jalopnik about his dream car, the BMW marketing team created a design for it based on the specifications.

Jalopnik reader Ben wrote in to ask if the community could draw up an artist’s conception of his four-year-old nephew Eli’s dream car. The imaginative young boy had written a list of specifications for the BMW vehicle.

It features 42 wheels, 19 Porsche engines (each producing 459 horsepower), three steering wheels enabling three people to drive the car at the same time, and a trunk full of toys that can be played in. Ben came up with the model name “4219ELi”.

Perhaps taking a cue from LEGO’s customer service, the BMW marketing team created an image of the vehicle based on the specifications and posted it on the company’s Facebook page along with the following message:

Eli, we think you might be onto something. Our marketing department worked a little photoshop magic to bring your dream to life. We’ll be sure to pass this on to our product designers. Thanks for sharing your idea and for being a BMW fan.

BMW Turns A Four-Year Old’s Ideas Into A Car Design