Chipotle Sells Organic Hoodies In A Bid To Become A Lifestyle Brand

The burrito chain is branching out by selling clothes, hosting ‘locavore’ festivals, and backing a comedy video series.

Burrito chain Chipotle is branching out and trying to become a lifestyle brand in order to beat it’s rivals. The company has launched a line of organic clothes and accessories, is hosting ‘locavore’ festivals that champion local and sustainable food choices, and backing a dark comedy video series about a PR man defending industrial farming. These moves are all a departure for a fast food restaurant.

Chipotle’s lifestyle brand aims to appeal to consumers who believe in sustainability. They partnered with New York clothing manufacturer Loomstate, which uses organic cotton and shares the chain’s vision for sustainably-sourced materials.

Chipotle Sells Organic Hoodies In A Bid To Become A Lifestyle Brand

The Chipotle store offers a hoodie made with 100% organic cotton that is grown without harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals, and produced using water-based dyes and low-impact printing methods. There are also t-shirts, baby onesies, water bottles, totes, a lunch bag, and a skate deck. Bloomberg Businessweek reports:

What’s next for Loomstate and Chipotle? Kitchen accessories — reclaimed-wood cutting boards, spoons and bowls are a possibility… And there’s the potential to sell Chipotle T-shirts and hoodies in retail stores such as Target.