Elevated Gardens Hang Over City Streets [Video]

Elevated Gardens Hang Over City Streets [Video]

Artist designs geometrical shapes with plants that don't need water or soil.

Yi Chen

Spotted in Melbourne, Australia, this week are geometrical shapes dangling above the heads of pedestrians and cars. Each one of these structures are made from recycled bicycle wheels, wires and bromeliad plants. These plants are self-sustainable and receive the nutrients from their leaves.

Each one of these hanging “gardens” spin and rotate as the wind blows. The bromeliads don’t require soil or water, and are low-maintenance. These unique installations provide some greenery into the gray, concrete space of a busy city.


The project called Airborne was designed by artist Lloyd Godman and was funded by the City of Melbourne’s 2013 Arts Grant. The first installation debuted over the weekend in conjunction with the Sustainable Living Festival.  Learn more about the project in the video below:

Lloyd Godman