Micro Artworks Fit On The Head Of A Toothbrush

Micro Artworks Fit On The Head Of A Toothbrush

Takahiro Iwasaki turns innocuous, everyday materials such as tape and thread into small-scale pieces.

Betsy Mead

Less is more.  Artist Takahiro Iwasaki certainly believes the popular adage.The concept has become the mantra of the tech sphere, where gadgets are getting ever smaller, so it only makes sense that it would eventually hit the art world.

The Japanese designer, hailing originally from Hiroshima, has transformed the banal into the spectacular, when you consider that his pieces are so tiny that they can rest on a roll of electrical tape. The intricacy of the design posed a challenge, as did the manipulation of the mediums to mould to Iwasaki’s vision.

Several artworks were on display in 2011 at Manchester’s Cornerhouse at the ‘Constellations’ exhibition and newer pieces can be viewed at GOMA in Queensland at the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.

Examples Iwasaki’s work can be seen in the gallery below.