12 Stories You Need To Know Today

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Kickstarter-funded movie wins Best Oscar Short, tuna may not actually be tuna and International Herald Tribune to get a new title...links to start your day with.

Betsy Mead

Bitcoin trading at a record high. Quartz.

International Herald Tribune to be renamed. NYTimes.

Americans: Is that really tuna you’re eating? Quartz

It’s 18 months’ jail time for Twitter parody man. Mashable.

There’s something about those IKEA Meatballs. NYTimes.

‘Stolen’ Banksy mural stopped from sale at 11th hour. Guardian.

First Kickstarter funded film wins an Oscar. TheVerge.

Disappointing the NYTimes is expensive. Ask Tesla. Mashable.

Instagram to Madonna: play by the rules! BusinessInsider. 

How people use their phones and what it means. BusinessInsider.

Copyright alert system goes into effect. CopyrightInformation.

MTA slow to catch on to farecard innovation. NYTimes.

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