Tech Brand Sends Bored People At Bus Stops Real-World Surprises [Video]

People who visited the Qualcomm URL on a poster were given rides in a Lamborghini and a dogsled.

How often do you pay attention to the ads that plaster bus stops? Telecommunications company Qualcomm rewarded people who took the time to visit the ‘Born Mobile’ URL on posters with various surprises.

They claim to have created the “best bus stop ever” as part of their interactive marketing campaign. When those standing at the bus stop visited the mobile site, the fun began.

Qualcomm Rewards People At A Bus Stop With Surprises [Video]

One person checked out the URL on a poster that asked “In a hurry?” and was rewarded with a Lamborghini ride. Another who visited the link on a “Seen it all?” ad got to ride in a dogsled pulled by huskies.

A man who went to the site after spotting the “Bored?” poster was surprised when a bus filled with clowns, musicians, jugglers, and dancers showed up at the stop. You can check out the surprises in the video below: