Subway Creates A SimCity Competition To Run The Best Virtual Store

The online contest challenges fans to build, operate and promote their own restaurant.

Subway has introduced a SimCity-style promotion by creating an online contest that challenges fans to open their own virtual stores. It was created “to give young aspiring entrepreneurs around the world the chance to get a taste at being their own boss.”

SimCity Meets Subway For A Virtual Store Competition

The ‘Build Your Own Virtual Restaurant Challenge‘ runs until March 12th and participants are presented with a series of tasks. They must build, train, operate and promote their restaurant.

SimCity Meets Subway For A Virtual Store Competition

They have to choose the location of the virtual store, produce a video to promote it, learn the business and get tested on their knowledge, write promotional copy, interview with the head of global development, and drive customer traffic to boost their leaderboard ranking by spreading the word through social media.

100 finalists will be promoted on for one month and featured in company-wide internal newsletters to hiring, recruiting and development managers, regional offices, and franchisees. Five winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to the U.S. to meet founder Fred DeLuca and the global executive team, attend a special session of University of Subway, and get a VIP tour of the HQ.