How To Take Inspiration From Typography

How To Take Inspiration From Typography

D&AD's Type Director Dan Rhatigan uncovers a new typeface called Mercurius.

Tim Lindsay, D&AD

In this video filmed by D&AD at Monotype’s Archive in London, Type Director Dan Rhatigan unearths the original drawings for a typeface he’s never seen before, Mercurius.

Aside from earmarking it for a new addition to his typographic tattoo sleeves, Dan talks through the processes that the typeface would have gone through as it was developed from original drawings to a lead font.

The mysterious Steltzer, a shadowy figure that developed many of the typefaces of that time, was responsible for this type, but no one knows much about him…  see for yourself the original marks made by the team of typographic artists working on Mercurius.

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