USB Wristband Is A Wearable, Mobile Operating System

StormFly is a secure, super-fast USB 3.0 with an OS, which is bootable from a PC or Mac.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on February 5, 2013.

StormFly is a wristband developed by Now Computing that provides the wearer with a complete operating system. Plugging it into the USB port of a PC or Mac allows you to use your own personalized settings without changing the host system.

USB Wristband Is A Wearable Operating System You Can Take With You

The super-fast USB 3.0 storage device is embedded with an open source OS, so you can take it and your data with you wherever you go and use it on any available computer. StormFly can hold application programs and files, without you needing to carry around a laptop, and it securely encrypts all of the data on it.

The wristband also comes with an automatic Backup Service, so if you lose it or it gets stolen, you are sent a new one with all the files and applications that were saved on the home folder within 24 hours.

USB Wristband Is A Wearable Operating System You Can Take With You

Now Computing is trying to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to fund their first manufacturing run. A pledge of $59 will get you a StormFly in either blazing orange or sleek black, customized with your name or company. Check out the campaign video below to learn more: