3D Printer Turns Body Scans Into Edible Gummi Candies

3D Printer Turns Body Scans Into Edible Gummi Candies

FabCafe creates personalized sweets using 3D rendering technology.

Yi Chen

The FabCafe caught our attention in Valentine’s Day when it turned 3D scans of heads into chocolate. Now, the cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo, is offering 3D printed gummi sweets for ‘White Day,’ which is a Japanese version of Valentine’s Day that falls on 14 March where males are expected to give gifts to their sweethearts.


Nine lucky male customers will be selected to have their bodies scanned, rendered, and 3D printed into sweet treats. The event is part of FabCafe’s two-part White Day workshop.


The works shop costs 6,000 Yen per person (around 62 USD) and the spots are limited. FabCafe is an innovative concept that offers a mix of 3D printing and laser cutting in a relaxed, cafe atmosphere.



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