Online Database Helps Every Industry-Hacker Find The Perfect 3D Printer provides pricing information and other details to help customers searching for the right model. is a site that offers news and developments about 3D printing technology. It also features a useful price comparison section where you can view a database of 3D printers to compare them and find the best machine for you.

Find The Perfect 3D Printer From An Online Database

Spotted by Core77, the database lists over 100 different models from manufacturers around the world. It shows the increasing demand and uses for 3D printing, from the hobbyist to the professional.

Along with pricing information, lead time, and an image of the printer, the handy database also supplies a link to the shop’s site and says whether it comes assembled or as a DIY kit. You can sort the list by price and other options, and filter it so you only get machines from your country or favorite manufacturer.

Find The Perfect 3D Printer From An Online Database

There are 3D printers available to suit anyone’s budget. The cheapest model is under $200 (SeeMeCNC’s H-1.1 3D Printer Kit), while the most expensive model is almost $25,000 (Solidscape’s 3Z Studio).