Agency Briefs Transformed Into Intricate Paper Sculptures [Video]

To illustrate their design talent, TBWA in Johannesburg decided to send concept ideas back as various designs that fit the client’s needs.

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris in Johannesburg decided to artistically interpret briefs rather than respond to them in a traditional manner. Using the briefs and cardboard job bags as their canvas, their in-house designers transformed them into intricate paper sculptures relevant to each client.

Agency Briefs Transformed Into Intricate Paper Sculptures [Video]

The Inspiration Room notes that this campaign was created to promote the agency’s design department. They got their clients’ attention by intercepting existing above-the-line briefs and conceptualizing various designs that captured the essence of the brands.

These multi-dimensional design pieces were then sent back to the clients to show that the design team can do amazing things with their briefs. This campaign was a big success, with the designers receiving their first new brief just five days later, and new design work rising by 450% within six weeks. You can see some of the intricate designs and learn more about the campaign in the video below: