Alerts Allow Shoppers To Avoid Busy Stores

‘Avoid The Shopping Crowds’ looks at check-ins, photo uploads, and location-based tweets to help determine how crowded areas are.

If you hate shopping in crowded stores, the app ‘Avoid The Shopping Crowds‘ could be really useful. Developed by creative agency They in the Netherlands, it pulls information from social media sites in real-time to help determine how busy areas are.

They claim to have changed the way social media data is used, as rather than using it to connect with people, they have used it to avoid them, which they call ‘antisocial media’.

Avoid Busy Stores By Analyzing Social Media To Estimate Real-Time Crowds

The app manipulates data from multiple sources to give estimates of crowd levels in Amsterdam’s four main shopping districts. For each district, crowd level averages for the week are shown on a simple bar graph, and a line below the location reads things like ‘Calm’, ‘Not too busy’, ‘Busy’, or ‘Forget it’, depending on the number of shoppers.

Springwise reports that it analyzes check-ins, photo uploads, and location-based tweets to gather accurate information about how crowded each place currently is. You can check out the video below to learn more about ‘Avoid the Shopping Crowds':

Avoid The Shopping Crowds