Hacked Kinect Helps Brain Surgeons See Inside A Patient’s Skull [Video]

Augmented reality app lets doctors view the brain from different angles.

Recently, a team from Microsoft Research Cambridge in the U.K reprogrammed Kinect’s latest API, Fusion, to create an app targeted at brain surgeons. The prototype was revealed during Microsoft TechFest 2013.

The hacked Kinect Fusion incorporates 2D MRI brain scans with a 3D image of the patient’s skull. In preparation for surgery, doctors can look inside the skull from various angles to get a glimpse of the brain before operating.


Microsoft Kinect was initially designed to immerse gamers in video games through its gesture and voice recognition technology. Over the years, the sensor has become more than just a gaming device and has evolved to other functions through hacks.

Watch the video below to see how the augmented reality brain scan works:

Microsoft Research