Renault Designer Imagines A Nature-Inspired Concept Car

A collection of teaser images hint at complex, organic surface design and bioluminescent inspired lighting.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on March 20, 2013. @DavePinter

Renault has collaborated with London-based Lovegrove Studio on a new concept car that will debut during the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Lead by Ross Lovegrove, the project intends to use elements of nature as a blueprint for a new Renault design language. Lovegrove has historically used inspiration from nature paired with technology for his work in the architecture, furniture and consumer goods industries. The car was developed with a similar approach and took advantage of the latest digital design methods like parametric modeling, which can generate extremely complex organic shapes.

Details are scarce at this point, the name of the car hasn’t even been revealed. But a few teaser images are out showing exterior lighting elements and the design of the wheels. The project represents a rare move by an automaker to look outside their own creative studios for assistance from a well known independent designer.


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